China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry

Zirconia Milling Machine manufacturers need to be confident, tempered forward, in the temper more strong, together for the development of China's China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry to contribute.

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China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry transformation and upgrading

Effective supply consensus: everyone on the implementation of intelligent manufacturing is the supply side of the structural reform of a good measure of convergence. Because the intelligence is not only refers to the manufacturing link, it needs to run through the product design, production, management, service and other links. On the one hand, intelligent manufacturing can be intelligent equipment with intelligent production of intelligent features of the product, bringing the upgrading of the production process, but also bring the product to keep upgrading, and constantly meet the new needs; the other hand, intelligent manufacturing makes the supply The way tends to be accurate and effective, especially as some personalized network customization model of the rapid popularization, changed the traditional China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry model, and then listed on the sale of the traditional way to the end consumer. Online ordering, placing orders, on-demand production, precision production, effective supply is becoming a trend.

New economic consensus: the new economy should lead to economic growth of new elements, new power and new models continue to emerge, such as industrial data generation, has become the value of the new production factors; intelligent China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry not only affects the production A new product, its own R & D design, production equipment, production processes, management services, intelligent transformation also brings China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry development of new impetus; the same time, in the process of promoting intelligent manufacturing only from the first pilot of the intelligent manufacturing pilot Demonstration projects have already produced large-scale personalized custom model, remote intelligent operation and maintenance model, network collaborative design and other new models. So now that intelligent manufacturing, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing is the "new economy" an important part of the more and more people have reached a consensus.

Innovation and consensus: China's China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry, technological innovation through imitation of innovation, integration and innovation, the introduction of digestion and absorption of innovation and other stages, but the effective mechanism of innovation has not yet formed, due to innovation is not strong, in the international division of labor is still in the technical content and Low value-added "manufacturing - processing - assembly" link. We strengthen the enterprise as the main body, market-oriented, production and research combined with the China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry innovation system construction awareness is consistent, to strengthen the key core technology research and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, to promote large-scale commercial new technology applications.

Policy consensus: China's China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry wide range of industries, different regions, industry development is uneven, the difficulty of transformation and upgrading are quite large, such as intelligent manufacturing relative to the weak foundation, as smart manufacturing standards is not sound enough, the system solutions to provide Ability to be strengthened. Really need the industry authorities from the intelligent manufacturing development strategy research, intelligent manufacturing thirteen five planning and other top-level design, intelligent manufacturing standard system construction work, in the intelligent manufacturing comprehensive standard verification, new model application policy guidance to the overall advance.

Market consensus: we talk about the transformation and upgrading of the China Zirconia Milling Machine Industry need to adhere to the enterprise as the center, adhere to market-oriented, give full play to the role of the market, in particular, let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, such as the implementation of intelligent manufacturing To have a clear economic goals, need to pay attention to the rate of return on investment, the core purpose is to enhance the full labor productivity, per capita profitability, market share and other business benefits.

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