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Why can not the domestic Ultrafine Mill to achieve similar foreign level? This is some of the peer often talk about the topic. Why "Ultrafine Mill" will have a market? It is because the Ultrafine Mill is good, the price is too expensive, and the domestic and no "cost" on the choice of Ultrafine Mill brand, despite the mid-range machine in Taiwan optional, but still can not meet the domestic industry-related precision machining needs.

Customer's Background:

From the current market conditions to analyze, high, mid-range Ultrafine Mill are basically made in Switzerland, Japan, the price from the general trend is a decline in the curve line, but the decline in space is not much. Often only in the country have similar products appear, foreign related products will be a substantial price reduction.

Research on Chinese Ultrafine Mill Technology

Once upon a time, domestic universities such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanchang University, Zhejiang University, in the basic theory of electrical processing and crushing machine processing technology, have a very strong force to do. However, the current university "market" and "hot", we are willing to do "immediate" academic work and the results of the development. Like Ultrafine Mill This technology is complex, involving many categories of technology, time-consuming and laborious, long development cycle, can be imagined, in such a background and technical challenges, it can be successful!

Can be clearly found that we are in the Ultrafine Mill manufacturing talent cultivation is regressive! From the academic journals published by doctoral and master's degrees in various countries in recent years, many of them are "coping" diploma works. The theory is not worthy of theory, and the reality is not practical. Most of them are in the research achievements of the seniors "Roll climb", the actual Ultrafine Mill manufacturing level of little significance, or even half a barrel of water are not, talk about the guidance! Now many of the papers published in professional journals, is nothing more than a simple thing complicated, complex things do not understand mysterious, title is out of praise, things are not made out!

Can get the support of the country, China is the ultimate Ultrafine Mill with foreign Ultrafine Mill competition to promote. Fund support is one aspect. Now our country is not short of money, the key is how to guide enterprises from the policy is willing to capital, time, energy really put into the Ultrafine Mill manufacturing projects up. The market environment can not wait for companies to spend a long time, or even decades to "R & D"!

Compared with the foreign manufacturers of shredders, the domestic difference is a big cut, the terrible is that foreign technology development has never stopped, a year a kind, and now the domestic high, the mid-market is completely foreign Ultrafine Mill of the world, when An industry to see backward, but ignore this backward to change this backward, it can not be said that the relevant departments of the domestic sorrow. Our professors to the students when the class, our electrician researchers write articles, the domestic Ultrafine Mill manufacturers to participate in various exhibitions, our domestic customers in the purchase of high-grade Ultrafine Mill bidding, All foreign machine tools and technology occupied.

To catch up in the short term or reach the level of foreign Ultrafine Mill, joint venture with foreign brands is a good way. But from the current situation of the relevant Ultrafine Mill joint venture point of view, only to the price of "advantage" and. 100% dry is assembled, some insignificant parts are produced, like shells in domestic production. Involving the core technology of the Ultrafine Mill pulse power supply, servo control system, foreign countries will not let you to absorb and digest, the domestic Ultrafine Mill supplier is also no one would like to concentrate to absorb and digest! In the middle, the purpose of the joint venture is more "business opportunities", if the joint venture in the Ultrafine Mill, there are relevant domestic scientific research institutions to participate, may not be the same.

Domestic manufacturers engaged in Ultrafine Mill industry and many, can produce, but are in the single-handedly efforts in the product grade is Ultrafine Mill "entry machine", which has not been in the market share can be " "These manufacturers are basically" their own ". Also hope that the industry can think about the status quo, focus on research, to play their respective advantages, technology sharing, no longer face the huge demand Ultrafine Mill market "dry stare"!

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