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The importance of the size of the Stone Crusher discharge port

The Stone Crusher is made up of different parts, which not only refers to its internal structure, but also its inlet and outlet, which also have an important impact on the production of the equipment. For example, the size of the discharge port has an impact on the efficiency of production and the quality of the finished product. Here we are here to analyze the importance of the size of the discharge port.

In the production process of the Stone Crusher, the adjustment of the discharge port size is mainly based on the customer's production requirements. This adjustment not only affects the size of the finished particles, but also affects the efficiency. In the adjustment, you need to integrate the needs of all aspects of the customer, otherwise it will affect the following aspects:

1. If the discharge port is large, the processed pellet size will not meet the requirements, which is generally too large. At this time, the efficiency of the Stone Crusher is relatively improved, but since the finished pellet size does not meet the requirements, Can not meet the needs of the market, can not be applied to the production needs of the construction industry, and thus can not get good sales, can not bring good benefits to the customer's investment;

Second, if the discharge port is small, the processed material will not be discharged in time, which will easily cause the blockage of the Stone Crusher, and it may also cause the material to be pulverized, that is, the finished product is smaller. The phenomenon is also inconsistent with the needs of users, and can not meet the market demand, and can not bring good returns for customer investment;

For these situations, it is very important to adjust the size of the discharge port of the Stone Crusher reasonably. Only when this parameter value meets the demand, can the efficiency of the equipment in production and the quality of the finished product be reasonable, generally adjusted. At the time, it is necessary to take into account both the efficiency and quality requirements.

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