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Analysis of the lubrication system of Mining Crusher

In the production process of Mining Crushers, in order to reduce the impact of wear on the parts during use, it is necessary to lubricate different parts inside the equipment. This lubrication process is mainly to reduce wear. The degree to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, and later for the better realization of lubrication, the use of automatic lubrication device - lubrication system, so that the lubrication operation can be quantitatively and quantitatively, better to protect the internal parts of the Mining Crusher The function, while good lubrication operation can reduce the occurrence of faults in production and ensure the efficiency of production, here is to introduce the lubrication system of the machine.

In the interior of the Mining Crusher, the lubrication system mainly uses the oil pump to press the lubricating oil. The oil enters the lower gap of the eccentric bushing through the oil hole on the lower cover of the frame through the oil pipe, and then is divided into two paths. The lubrication operation of different parts of the equipment is realized separately, and the gap between the main shaft and the eccentric bushing rises one way until the oil retaining ring is blocked and overflows to the bevel gear, and the other path rises along the gap between the eccentric bushing and the bushing, and the thrust is pushed. The ring also enters the bevel gear, so that the bevel gear lubricant is discharged through the drain pipe. The suspension device of the construction waste crusher is softened by dry oil, and the oil is pressed into the dry oil by hand. In this process, the three rings of the lower part of the equipment must be sealed to prevent dust from entering.

After the analysis of the internal lubrication system of the Mining Crusher and the realization of the lubrication process, it can be found that in the interior of the equipment, the lubrication system achieves lubrication of most of the parts, and this lubrication process, It can be realized by itself, no need for manual operation, only need to refuel regularly.

In addition, in the process of using the construction waste crusher, in order to better realize the lubrication effect, it is necessary to periodically clean the system to prevent the entry of dust to prevent the lubrication failure caused by the pollution phenomenon. Then be cautious about the choice of lubricants, the right type of lubricant can double the lubrication effect.

The article mainly introduces the analysis of the Mining Crusher lubrication system, mainly the introduction of the lubrication system, the lubrication process, and the analysis of the problems to be paid attention to during lubrication. Good lubrication is the realization of the machine for the construction. Important conditions for good waste disposal.

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