Limestone Crushing For Cfb Power Plant

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Limestone Crushing Machine plate hammer turning

For the Limestone Crushing Machine, the hammer plays a very important role in the production process, but when it is used, there is also wear and tear, and there is damage and wear. At this time, the part If it fails, it will not be able to assist the working process of the equipment. At this time, it needs to be replaced, which will increase the cost of replacement. In order to reduce the impact of this phenomenon on the investment efficiency of the equipment, the manufacturer has realized the use of the hammer of the hammer and reduced The cost of replacing the parts in the production of Limestone Crushing Machines, here is to introduce how the functions used in this turnaround are realized.

First of all, the manufacturer of the Limestone Crushing Machine has symmetrically designed the same size of the countersunk hole and the mouth on the back of the hammer, which makes the assembly process more convenient, the width of the mouth and the width of the counterbore are consistent, outside the hammer The surface is designed to be flat and easy to match with the boring head on the rotor body. Generally, the thickness of the slab hammer is increased to 120 mm, and the horn angle of the transition surface of the ram counter hole is designed to be 90°. In order to reduce the weight and keep the same weight as the original hammer, the other two faces of the hammer are symmetrically designed as grooves, which can also be used as a wear boundary.

Secondly, in order to increase the stability of the working of the Limestone Crushing Machine bolt, it is not easy to bend and shear, and the core is designed to match the countersunk hole. The design length of the countersunk bolt is increased from 165mm to 220mm. The angle is increased from 75° to 90°, and then the material is changed from ZGMn13 to ZGMn13Cr2 in order to increase the wear resistance of the hammer.

Secondly, in the process of working in the Limestone Crushing Machine, when the single-sided turning head is used for the first time, the two corners are worn to about 30mm, then the face can be turned and used, and the other two corners are also worn to about 30mm. It is necessary to end the service life of the hammer and realize the function of two-face turning and turning. This function realizes that the life of the hammer is improved by 2 months.

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