Crushing Plant Design Of Concrete Production

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Analysis of installation and start-up of Concrete Crushing Machine

For any kind of production process, the smooth operation of the installation and startup is an important condition to ensure the smooth production of the later production. In view of this situation, we are here to analyze, for the Concrete Crushing Machine , installation and startup, what is the correct way of operation.

First, installation link

When installing, you should do a good job in the preparation of the Concrete Crushing Machine, as well as the installation drawings, etc., and then pay attention to the stability of the foundation when installing, as follows:

1) Prepare the equipment before installation. The preparation contents mainly include personnel configuration, lifting equipment, ropes, circuits, etc., and also pay attention to the feeding and transportation of the site, and in the production, the Concrete Crushing Machine All equipment should be well protected against rain and flooding, especially during the period of production stoppage, rust and rust prevention should be done to prevent the aging caused by the external environment to accelerate;

2) When the production process is installed, it needs to be carried out according to the basic drawings provided by the manufacturer and the local geological conditions. When installing, it is necessary to reserve space for installation and maintenance as required;

3) When the Concrete Crushing Machine is installed, all kinds of machinery must be installed on a firm foundation, and the stability should be checked frequently. This operation must be paid enough attention by the staff, and the basic parts are connected. The bolts must be tightened and must not be loose, so as to ensure the stable operation of the process;

Second, start-up session

After introducing the installation process of the Concrete Crushing Machine, the following is a summary of the startup links that have an important impact on the later production, mainly the following aspects:

1) The process can not be started with load, the feeding must be uniform, and then the equipment must be equipped with a protective cover and soundproofing and dustproof facilities to ensure the environmental performance of its production;

2) Personnel handling kaska and super-diameter at the feed port must have safety protection measures to prevent personal safety accidents, and when the process is used, the crushing equipment and sand making should be regularly carried out. Equipment and auxiliary equipment are inspected and repaired, so that possible problems can be discovered in time to ensure the stable operation of the Concrete Crushing Machine;

3) When the equipment in the process is started, it must be carried out in a specific order. When no instructions are given, do not start it at will, and the vibrating screen in it must not be overloaded and heavy-duty, vibrating screen After normal operation, the material can be unloaded. The feeding must be uniform. No partial load or excessive impact is allowed. If the screen has material jam when used, it must be cleaned at any time. Do not use a sledgehammer to punch the card in the screen. Dashi, in order to avoid danger or damage to the equipment, such operational considerations are of great help to the reduction of Concrete Crushing Machine failures and the reduction of maintenance costs;

4) Before the belt conveyor is turned on, a serious maintenance inspection must be carried out on all parts of the machine. No people or other debris on the belt can be turned on after the inspection has no problem. If the Concrete Crushing Machine uses a combination of multi-section belt conveyors in series, it should be noted that the order of starting the machine is to start from the discharge end to the feeding end in turn, usually after the belt conveyor starts to idle for a few minutes, after checking the normal parts, Carry out load operation again;

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