Crusher Size 25mm To Sand

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Analysis of working mode of 25mm Sand Crusher

For the choice of 25mm Sand Crusher, we have to choose the right model and choose the right working mode, because the different models or different working modes can bring different benefits to the production. Here we are to analyze the two working modes of the machine.

The two working modes of the 25mm Sand Crusher mainly refer to “stone stone” and “stone iron”, which means that when the material is crushed, the specific principle is different. Let's analyze the pros and cons and the adaptive materials to help users choose the mode that suits their production needs.

The principle of one or two working modes and applicable materials

1. The “stone-rock” mode refers to the high-speed rotating impeller of the 25mm Sand Crusher to drive some materials to produce high-speed collision between the material and the material to achieve the crushing effect. This working mode is mainly used for abrasiveness. Material processing process;

2. The “stone-rocking” mode refers to the material entering the vortex chamber of the 25mm Sand Crusher, and then using the impeller and the material, the material and the inner wall of the machine to achieve the crushing effect. The working mode is suitable for the abrasiveness. Ore processing;

Second, the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of the two working modes

1. Analysis from the scope of application: The “stone-rock” model has a wide range of applications and can be used for corrosive materials, while the “stone-iron” working mode can only be used for materials that are not corrosive. There are certain restrictions;

2. Analysis from sand making effect and cost investment: The 25mm Sand Crusher under the working mode of “stone hitting iron” is more practical than the sand making equipment under the working mode of “stone-rock” in sand production. It is one to two percent high, so this kind of working mode can be selected when a large number of high-quality gravel aggregates are urgently needed, and the "stone-rock" has lower operating cost than the "stone-rock", and the wear of the machine parts is small, and it is selected from the long-term development. The stone-rocking model is better;

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